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Wide Angle Phone Camera Lens Macro Lens for Mobile iPhone & Samsung

Wide Angle Phone Camera Lens Macro Lens for Mobile iPhone & Samsung

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0.45Wide Angle Phone Camera Lens Macro Lens for Mobile iPhone & Samsung

In a 2-in-1 HD camera lens kit, you get a 0.45X super wide angle lens and a 12.5X macro lens. With the 0.45X Super Wide Angle, it can help largely expand the field of view and enable you to capture the entire family or a whole team in one picture. The 12.5X Macro lens lets you see the world around you closer than ever before!

Turn your mobile into DSLR Camera easily with the GVaxis Phone Lens Camera:

  • Compatible with most types of smartphones: iPhone 7 / 6 / 6 Plus / 6s / 6s Plus / 5 / 5s / SE, Samsung, most smartphones and tablets.
  • Detachable clip on phone lens: The lenses are designed to fit both rear and front-facing cameras.
  • Detachable and portable clamps with soft rubber guard against bumps and scratches on your phones.
  • High definition: The cell phone lens is made of glass with a multi-layer green optics coating, which improves the clarity of your image.
  • Professional HD camera lenses reduce glass flare and ghosting caused by reflections.
  • High-quality aluminum alloy material with enhanced durability will provide years of use and enjoyment.
  • Super easy to use: Just grab your phones, place the cell phone camera lens with the attached clip and there it is ready to be used.

Kindly note:

1. When using a macro lens, keep a 1-2 cm distance between your object and the lens to take clearer pictures.

2. The macro lens and the wide-angle lens are attached together while you receive them.

3. The flash light will be blocked when the lens is in use.

Package included:

1 * Wide-angle and macro lenses

1 * Clip Universal

1 * Dark bag

1 * Retail box

1 * User Manual


Q: Will this lens fit on my phone?

A: Yes!Our lenses are compatible with all iPhones, iPods, iPads, Androids......basically every smartphone in the market.

Q:How to use the macro lens?

A: The macro lens is screwed together with the wide angle lens, you need to unscrew  it to get the macro lens, and it is used to shoot little abjects, like insets, flower and so on, you have to get it super close to the object you want to shoot(about 10-23mm )to get a clear shot.

Q:Does the clip get loose after a while?

A: No it doesn't get loose, two screws make it so firm, and the soft rubber inside can protect your phone from scratches.

Q: Can I use this lens with a case on my phone?

A: You totally can! As long as the case has a big enough opening around the camera. If the opening is very small, it still may work, but maybe there are black shadows. Thicker cases may cause slight light leaks. So I suggest you'd better take off the case when you use the lens, that's worthwhile to get better photos.

Q:Does your lens work for front camera too?

A: Yes,it does,also works for video,facetime.

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