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Waterproof phone case for swimming

Waterproof phone case for swimming

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The Ultimate Waterproof Phone Pouch and Floating Fanny Pack for iPhone 13/13 Pro Max.

Introducing our revolutionary Waterproof Phone Pouch Fanny Pack!

With its floating and dry bag design, it provides unparalleled protection for your iPhone 13/13 Pro Max during swimming, skiing, drifting, and diving. Isn't it time to keep your valuable device safe and enjoy your water activities worry-free?

GVaxis Waterproof phone case Features

Enhanced Touchscreen Functionality

  • Enjoy the convenience of a 6.4" x 3.1" transparent TPU window that enables sensitive screen touch and smooth operation. Stay connected while on the go by effortlessly checking emails, sending messages, and capturing photos.

Floating design for easy retrieval

  • Our TPU fanny pack features an innovative air bag design, allowing it to float on water. This ensures easy retrieval and provides peace of mind, as it can hold up to 900 g (2 lbs) without compromising its floating performance.

Reliable waterproof protection

  • Tested to meet IPX8 standards, this waterproof phone pouch provides unbeatable protection for your device. Submerge your phone to depths of up to 98 feet (30 metres) without worrying about water damage, giving you the confidence to engage in watersports and activities.

Versatile and functional

  • This waterproof waist pack is not limited to a single activity. It's a versatile companion suitable for surfing, kayaking, cycling, mountaineering, river trekking, fishing, camping, snorkelling, beach outings, and more. It securely holds smartphones below 6.9 inches, along with keys, cash, and other small items, keeping everything organised and protected.

GVaxis Waterproof phone case Specifications

  • MaterialPU
  • Featuresurfing, climbing, diving, swimming
  • TypeSwimming Bag


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