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Waterproof Backpack Men's Black Rucksack

Waterproof Backpack Men's Black Rucksack

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Waterproof Backpack Men's Black Rucksack

This men's backpack has a different design from other backpacks out there. The pockets on the front of the backpack, leather panels, and metal buttons are deliberately arranged to add a masculine and elegant beauty to the owner.

Unique design and durable material

The blend of cotton and polyester fibers in the standard ratio helps the fabric used in the design of this travel backpack have many outstanding features. Fabrics prevent shrinkage extremely effectively, thanks to their high durability, waterproofness, and anti-mildew properties.

GVaxis Rucksack for Men


  • This travel backpack has a volume of 65L, size 30 * 17 * 48cm. 
  • The spacious compartment can be opened 180 degrees to help organize your belongings easily.
  • Soft lining inside the compartments helps protect your important belongings from external physical impacts. 
  • The sturdy backpack form can fit into the suitcase handle or carry easily. 
  • The backpack strap can be easily adjusted to keep the wearer comfortable, reducing pressure on the shoulders and back.
Waterproof Backpack Men's Black Rucksack
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