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Watchband Adjusting Remover Tool for Apple Watch Strap

Watchband Adjusting Remover Tool for Apple Watch Strap

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Any watch band can be quickly and easily adjusted to the ideal size by removing a few links.

This watch link and pin remover will save you A trip to the jeweler to adjust or clean your link and pin watch strap.

It facilitates the insertion and removal of pins from a link pin watch band quickly and simply.
Longer use is made possible by the high-quality construction and extra pins that are kept in the tool base.
Three additional pins are provided for replacement;
 watch strap adjustment

  1. Put your watch band in a flat position on the tool.
  2. Align the pin with the link that you want to remove.
  3. Rotate the handle until the pin is forced out of the link.
watch strap adjustment


Material: Aluminum alloy
Color: Red
Size: 5.5x0.5x1.5cm/2.1x0.1x0.5inch
Quantity: 1 Set

Package includes:

1 x Watch Band Adjuster  (without retail package)
3 x extra pins
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