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Tripod Selfie Stick

Tripod Selfie Stick

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Experience the freedom to capture shots from new angles and perspectives




"It's like having a portable studio in the palm of my hand."




Introducing the Tripod Selfie Stick – a revolutionary tool that merges the versatility of a tripod and the convenience of a selfie stick into one compact and innovative device. This isn't just a selfie stick; it's a game-changing accessory designed to capture your moments with unmatched precision and creativity.



Material: Alloy/Abs/Pc
Size: 210*80*63 Mm
Color: Pink/White
Package: 1 x Tripod Selfie Stick Set


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The Tripod Selfie Stick redefines stability. With its integrated tripod legs, it effortlessly transforms into a stable base for your device. Whether you're taking group shots, capturing breathtaking landscapes, or shooting dynamic videos, the tripod feature ensures steady and shake-free results.


The extendable design of the Tripod Selfie Stick allows you to adjust the height and distance of your device, offering you unparalleled creative control over your photos and videos.


The Tripod Selfie Stick comes equipped with wireless connectivity, allowing you to control your device remotely from a distance. Capture candid moments, group shots, and even adventurous selfies with ease.

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Got Questions? We’ve Got You Covered!

How does a selfie stick tripod work?

Some are connected to a smartphone via its jack plug, while others are tethered using Bluetooth controls. The connection between the device and the selfie stick lets the user decide when to take the picture or start recording a video by clicking a button located on the handle.

What is the ideal length for a selfie stick?

Some selfie sticks extend up to 10 feet long, but longer doesn't necessarily mean better. We recommend sticking to three to four feet. Anything longer results in a larger and heavier selfie stick, which can be a pain to travel with.

What is the most important issue to choose a tripod?

Specifically, how tall it is and how much it weighs has an impact on use. If you travel a lot, consider a tripod that's light and compact enough to carry. Some models have a center post that extends for plenty of additional height, which is an ideal feature if you want high angles or you're particularly tall.

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