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Table Lamp with Wireless Charger & Night light

Table Lamp with Wireless Charger & Night light

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Forget about old charging methods and enjoy this fast, safe wireless charging stand for your Samsung, apple and Qi-enabled devices.

If you are sick of all the messy, tangled cables and want something beautiful as well as decorative and very useful, this 3-in-1 Fast Wireless Charger Station & Lamp With Alarm Clock for Apple is what you are looking for.

This wireless charger works on charging your Samsung, apple and Qi-enabled devices, and on lighting up your space which creates a calming and peaceful atmosphere on your desk or in the bedroom.

Free your desk or your bedside table with the GVaxis 3-In-1 Fast Wireless Charger:

  • Fast wireless charging station
  • Lamp with 3 light intensities: 30% warm light, 70% warm light, and 100% warm light
  • Comfortable on the eyes and perfect for relaxing
  • Alarm clock and a clock: You can see the time with this lamp, and you can also set the alarm clock. 
  • With a single touch, you can easily adjust the brightness.



  • Power supply: 220V power cable
  • Charging power: 5V


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