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Sun Visor Sunglasses Holders for Car

Sun Visor Sunglasses Holders for Car

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Streamline Your Drive with the Multifunction Car Glasses Clip

A Durable Leather Holder for Sunglasses, Documents, and Tickets.


Looking for a sleek solution to keep your car essentials organized?

Introducing the Car Glasses Clip: Is there anything it can't hold? This multifunctional accessory boasts durable leather construction, a portable design, and the ability to securely hold sunglasses, documents, and tickets, making it an essential addition to any car interior.


GVaxis Sunglasses Holder Features

Strong Sunglass Holder: Securely Safeguard Your Shades

  • Magnetic adsorption ensures a strong and stable hold, allowing for convenient one-handed operation.
  • Say goodbye to fumbling and dropping your sunglasses while driving.

Full Leather Wrap: Protection and Elegance Combined

  • Soft leather wraps the entire glasses clip, providing a gentle touch that won't damage your visor or glasses.
  • Enjoy a sleek and stylish appearance that complements your car's interior.

Tailored Positioning for Different Sunglasses: A Perfect Fit Every Time

  • Thick-legged sunglasses? Place them at the bottom for optimal space utilisation.
  • Thin-footed sunglasses? Centre them for a secure and balanced placement.
  • Customizable positioning ensures a snug fit for various sunglass styles.

Easy Installation: Organise Your Sunglasses with Ease

  • Simply clip the car sunglasses. clip onto the sun visor, instantly organising and storing your sunglasses.
  • No more worries about losing or misplacing your sunglasses while on the go.


GVaxis Sunglasses Holder Specifications

  • Material: Microfiber leather
  • Size: 9.5*4.5cm
  • Function: glasses clip, ticket holder, document holder
  • Scope of application: car glasses clips


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