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Strong Suction Cup Car Phone Holder

Strong Suction Cup Car Phone Holder

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Securely Mount Your Smartphone Anywhere in Your Car with our Universal Suction Cup Holder

Do you struggle to find a safe and convenient place to mount your smartphone while driving?

Our Strong Suction Cup Car Phone Holder provides a versatile solution with an adjustable bracket and powerful suction cup that can be mounted on your car's center console or windshield.

GVaxis Car Phone Holder Features

Enhanced Suction Power: The Upgraded Enlarged Suction Cup Design

  • Greater suction power and stability due to an increased diameter of 85mm (15mm larger than the original version).
  • Provides a stronger and more reliable hold on your phone while driving.
  • Ensures your device stays securely in place without falling or slipping.

Secure and Strong Hold: The Combination of Disposable and Reusable Collets

  • Provides strong clamping force and super adhesion.
  • The disposable and reusable collets of the instrument panel offer a secure grip on your device.
  • Ensures your device stays in place even during bumpy rides.

Navigation Made Easy: Navigation and Charging Capabilities

  • The reserved socket for charging and navigation allows for easy navigation while charging your device.
  • Can be placed horizontally or vertically to provide flexibility in your preferred viewing angle.
  • Navigation is not limited, and you can adjust to your favourite angle for maximum convenience.

Unlimited Viewing Possibilities: 360° Universal Head Rotation

  • The highly flexible ball joints provide unlimited vision for optimal viewing of your device.
  • Put your mobile phone at the perfect angle and enjoy a lighter and safer driving experience.
  • Allows for easy adjustment of your device to achieve the perfect angle for your needs.

Stable and Quiet: Rotary Lock Design

  • The rotary lock design provides a firm and beautiful hold on your device.
  • Ensures strong adsorption and stability, preventing your device from shaking or moving while driving.
  • Produces zero noise, providing a peaceful and distraction-free driving experience.

Durable and Long-Lasting: Large Suction Cup for Water Washing and Glue Filling

  • The larger suction cup ensures stronger suction power and increased durability.
  • Can withstand repeated washing with water without losing its suction power.
  • Glue filling ensures a secure and long-lasting hold on your device.

GVaxis Car Phone Holder Specifications

  • Product material: PC + ABS + metal steel + silica gel
  • Applicable size: suitable for 4.7–6.8-inch mobile phones
  • Product size: 30x11.5cm/1.2x4.5in (straightened)
  • Net weight: 280g
  • Gross weight: 340g
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