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Luxury Airpod Neck Strap

Luxury Airpod Neck Strap

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With our Airpod Neck Strap, you will never worry about losing or misplacing your earphones again!

These anti lost colourful airpod straps will not only protect your earphones against knocksdropsscratchesscuffs, and dust, but also add a lovely touch to your look.
in 2 styles: gold, and silver. 

It is very light because the gold stainless steel chain is very thin, the black crystal is small, and the magnetic head is made of linked silicone.

The magnetic attraction adds even more beauty to these Luxury Magnetic Air Pod Straps and keeps your headphones safe.

Luxury Airpod Neck Strap Gold
  • Size: 78 cm in length
  • Fits airpods 1,2,3,pro
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