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Lazy Rotatable Tablet Holder and Cell Phone Holder

Lazy Rotatable Tablet Holder and Cell Phone Holder

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Upgrade Your Phone Game: Discover the Ultimate Lazy Phone Holder with Rotatable Halter, Magnetic Suction Bracket, and Elevated Rack for Hands-Free Convenience

Do you struggle with holding your phone while multitasking?

Say goodbye to hand cramps and neck strain with our Lazy Rotatable Phone Holder.

This innovative device features a magnetic suction bracket that securely attaches to any desktop surface, allowing you to effortlessly place and elevate your phone for hands-free convenience. With its rotatable halter, you can easily adjust your phone to the perfect angle for optimal viewing.

GVaxis Lazy Rotatable Phone Holder Features

  • Versatile Compatibility with both cell phone and tablet holders. Universal mobile phone stand compatible with phones from 2.2 inches (minimum) to 3.34 inches (maximum) wide. iPad stand holder compatible with tablets from 4.72 to 7.48 inches (maximum) wide.

  • Use Your Phone in Any Situation with a flexible goose neck stand that can be bent into any shape to accommodate your phone. Use it as a stand on your desk, wrap it under your mattress, or wrap it around your neck for hands-free viewing.

  • Flexible & Adjustable Holder with 360 rotation clip-on holder and a flexible long gooseneck arm for easy adjustment to your best viewing angle. Note: there may be slight wobbling while typing due to the holder's flexible structure.

  • Free Your Hands with hands-free viewing for phone games, movies, music, GPS, and more in bedroom, car, bicycle, gym, office, exhibition, and other settings.

  • Sturdy Holder made with 70% aluminum magnesium alloy construction for stability and durability.


  • TypeDesk Holder

  • ChargerNo

  • Size after packing: 18.5*4*16.2 cm

  • Weight with package: 543 g

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