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Golf Training Mat for Swing Detection

Golf Training Mat for Swing Detection

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Revolutionize Your Golf Game with the Ultimate Swing Analysis Tool: The Golf Training Mat

Are you tired of guessing what's wrong with your golf swing?

The Golf Training Mat for Swing Detection uses advanced technology to accurately analyze your swing and provide real-time feedback, helping you perfect your technique and take your game to the next level.

GVaxis Golf Training Mat for Swing Detection Features

  • Accurately analyzes your divot, helping you improve your golf swing.

  • Versatile, no velcro required for use anywhere.

  • Provides clearer divots than grass, leading to greater improvements on your swing.

  • Can withstand your hardest swing, so you can practice like you mean it.

  • Helps you build muscle memory for the perfect swing by providing instant feedback.

How To Use ?


  • Material: Nylon

  • Colour: Green

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