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Foldable Wireless Charger Stand

Foldable Wireless Charger Stand

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Foldable Wireless Charger Stand: Fast Charging and Portable with Storage - The Perfect Gift

Are you tired of messy cables and cluttered desks?

Introducing our Wireless Charger Folding Telescopic Stand - a sleek and efficient way to charge your mobile device while also serving as a desktop stand and storage solution.

GVaxis Foldable Wireless Charger Stand Features

 Liberate Your Hands: Enjoy Life with Our Wireless Charging Desktop Stand

  • Hands-free charging and viewing experience
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable posture, reducing shoulder and neck fatigue
  • Multi-angle free adjustment suitable for different poses
  • Stable and non-slip, perfect for entertainment charging

Upgrade Your Charging Experience: 10W Fast Wireless Charging for Your Mobile and Tablet

  • 10W wireless fast charge for efficient and convenient charging
  • Compatible with 10W-7.5W-5W devices
  • Upgrade double coil for faster charging and higher conversion rate
  • Upgrade Smart Fast Charge for safe and efficient charging

Maximize Your Space: Small and Stable Wireless Charging Stand with Storage Function

  • Compact and foldable design saves space on your desk
  • Non-slip and stable, no shaking even during charging
  • Golden ratio perspective and borderless design for a sleek and modern look
  • Storage function for added convenience and organization

Entertainment on the Go: Wireless Charging Stand for Watching Movies and More

  • 5-45° adjustable angle for a comfortable viewing experience
  • Perfect for watching movies without subtitles or using your phone while multitasking
  • Fast charging without hurting your device's battery
  • Continuous battery life for uninterrupted entertainment charging.

GVaxis Foldable Wireless Charger Stand Specifications

  • SHRINK: 135MM
  • STRETCH: 258MM
  • VOLTAGE: 5V 
  • CURRENT: 0.5-2A
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