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Electronic Tape Measure With LCD Display

Electronic Tape Measure With LCD Display

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Measure with Ease: Rechargeable LCD Digital Tape for Flat & Curved Surfaces

Are you tired of struggling with traditional tape measures?

Experience effortless measuring with our Electronic Tape Measure! With its LCD display and ability to measure both flat and curved surfaces, it's the ultimate length measuring tool for precision and convenience. Plus, its Type-C rechargeable design ensures you'll never run out of power when you need it most.

GVaxis Electric Ruler Features

Versatile Measurement Functions

  • From straight lines to arbitrary curves, our Electronic Tape Measure covers all your measurement needs. With features like round measurement, irregular surface measurement, and cylindrical diameter measurement, it adapts to any shape effortlessly. Plus, it records 10 measurement history and offers easy unit switching, making it a practical tool for various projects.

Convenient Historical Records

  • Say goodbye to manual note-taking. Our Electronic Tape Measure stores up to 10 groups of historical records, allowing you to access previous measurements with ease. Whether you need to refer back to a specific measurement or compare multiple dimensions, this feature saves you time and effort.

Ultra-Long Distance Measurement

  • With a remarkable range of up to 199.999m, our Electronic Tape Measure excels in long-distance measuring tasks. Whether you're measuring large spaces or working on outdoor projects, its extended range ensures you can accurately measure even the most expensive areas.

Lightweight and Portable

  • Designed with convenience in mind, our Electronic Tape Measure is lightweight and portable. You can easily carry it in your pocket or toolbox, making it readily available for measurements on the go. Its compact size doesn't compromise its functionality, providing you with a versatile tool wherever you need it.

Rechargeable Battery

  • Say goodbye to constantly replacing batteries. Our Electronic Tape Measure features a rechargeable battery, ensuring an ultra-long standby and battery life. You can rely on it for extended use without worrying about running out of power, saving you money on disposable batteries and reducing environmental waste.

GVaxis Electric Ruler Specifications

  • Shell material: aluminum alloy + silicone
  • Working temperature: -10℃ -50℃
  • Cruising power: Uninterrupted work 6 hours
  • Measuring range:0-199.999 meters
  • Stand-by time: 300 days
  • Charging Port: Type-C
  • Type of battery: 260mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Charge mode: DC 5V
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