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8-in-1 Earphone Cleaner Brush Kit

8-in-1 Earphone Cleaner Brush Kit

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Ultimate Cleaning Kit: 8-in-1 Earphone Cleaner Brush for Airpod Pro 3, Camera, Phone, Tablet, Laptop, TV, and More!

Looking for a comprehensive solution to keep your electronics spotless?

Introducing the 8-in-1 Earphone Cleaner Brush Kit: Have you ever wished for a single tool to effortlessly clean your Airpod Pro 3, camera, phone, tablet, laptop, TV, and more? Look no further! With this all-inclusive cleaning kit, you can enjoy pristine screens and hygienic earphones with ease.

GVaxis Earphone Cleaner Brush Kit Features

Efficient Cleaner Kit: Keep your devices spotless with this all-in-one cleaning tool. With a phone holder, flocking sponge tip, cleaner pen, high-density brush, and more, you can achieve 360-degree cleaning for your charging case, earbuds, phone speaker, and outlets.

Phone Cradle for Desk: Stay organised and never miss important notifications with this convenient phone cradle. Compatible with all 3–8-inch smartphones, it provides a comfortable viewing angle, allowing you to effortlessly glance at incoming calls and notifications while working at your desk.

Electronics Screen and Touchscreen Cleaning: Enjoy crystal-clear screens with the removable velcro-washable super fiber cloth. This reusable cloth, combined with the empty spray bottle included in the kit, effectively removes oil and fingerprints from laptop screens, cell phones, tablets, computers, indicators, and TVs.

Retractable Brush and Keycap Remover for Cleaning Keyboard: Say goodbye to keyboard cleaning hassles. The simple keycap puller makes replacing keycaps and cleaning the keyboard a breeze. The large and firm high-density brush gently cleans flat surfaces like keyboards and desktops without causing any damage, ensuring durability and ease of use.

GVaxis Earphone Cleaner Brush Kit Specifications

  •  Material: ABS+metal+sponge+microfiber cloth
  • Package : 1 * 8 in 1 Headphone Cleaning Pen Set (No Cleaning Liquid Empty Spray Bottle)
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