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360° Rotation Car Phone Holder and GPS Mount

360° Rotation Car Phone Holder and GPS Mount

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Revolutionize Your Driving Experience with Our 360° Rotation Car Phone Holder and GPS Mount*

Are you tired of fumbling with your phone while driving?

Our new Car Phone Holder offers a secure and convenient solution, with 360° rotation and an easy-to-use air vent mount. Keep your phone or GPS within reach and stay safe on the road.

GVaxis Car Phone Holder Features

Effortlessly Use Your Phone While Driving: Compact and Compatible with Any Model

  • Mini size and automatic design make it easy to use without taking up space
  • Compatible with any mobile phone model for added convenience

Drive Safe with Unobstructed Views: Gravity Linkage and Easy Clamping

  • Gravity linkage design allows for easy clamping and loosening when picking up phone
  • Doesn't block line of sight while driving for added safety

Protect Your Phone and Car: Scratch-Free Bottom Plate and Triangle Fixation

  • Glass mirror material on bottom plate prevents phone from scratching without leaving residue
  • Triangle fixation makes it stable even on rough roads, protecting your phone and car

Customize Your Viewing Experience: Universal Ball Rotation and Adjustable Angle

  • Universal ball rotation allows for easy angle adjustment at any time
  • Customize your viewing experience to meet your needs for maximum convenience

GVaxis Car Phone Holder Specifications

  • Material: Aluminum alloy+tempered glass+PC
  • quantity: 1
  • Color: Black, Silver, Blue
  • Package includes: 1X car phone holder
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