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3-in-1 Fast Charging Cable

3-in-1 Fast Charging Cable

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Ultimate Metal 3-in-1 Fast Charging Cable: The Hidden Multi-Retractable Charger for iPhone, Samsung, Huawei - A Creative Gift!

Looking for a game-changing charging solution?

Introducing our Metal 3-in-1 Fast Charging USB Cable: Can you imagine a single cable that charges your iPhone, Samsung, and Huawei devices simultaneously, while staying hidden and retractable? Unleash the power of convenience with this innovative and creative gift.

GVaxis Charging Cable Features

Convenient Portable Foldable Storage Cable

  • Enjoy the ease of carrying this cable anywhere you go, thanks to its foldable design. No more tangled cables or messy storage!

2.4A Fast Charging

  • Experience lightning-fast charging speeds with this cable, ensuring your devices are powered up quickly and efficiently.

Multi-Device Charging Capability

  • Say goodbye to carrying multiple cables. This 3-in-1 cable enables you to charge up to three devices simultaneously, making it perfect for people with multiple gadgets.

Wide Compatibility

  • Compatible with a variety of cell phones, including Apple, Micro, and Type-C interfaces, this versatile cable ensures you can charge almost any device you own.

Smart Chip for Peace of Mind Charging

  • Equipped with a smart chip, this cable provides safe and reliable charging, preventing any potential damage to your device's battery. Charge with confidence!

GVaxis Charging Cable Specifications

  • Material: Aluminum shell
  • Interface: TYPE-C, Micro USB, for iOS
  • Length: About 27cm long, about 10 cm after storage
  • Colour: Black/Silver/Blue
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