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15W Vertical Wireless Charging Stand

15W Vertical Wireless Charging Stand

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Effortlessly Charge Your Devices with the 15W Vertical Wireless Charging Stand

Do you hate fumbling with cords and plugs every time you need to charge your phone?

Say goodbye to the hassle with the 15W vertical wireless charging stand - a sleek and efficient solution that lets you power up your device in seconds, without any cords or cables getting in your way.

GVaxis 15W Vertical Wireless Charging Stand Features

 Simplify Your Life with Multifunctional Integration: Charge Multiple Devices with One Stand

  • With its versatile design, this charging stand lets you power up all your essential devices in one convenient location, eliminating the need for multiple chargers and cords.

Match Your Style with Matching Multiple Products: A Sleek and Coordinated Charging Solution

  • With a range of matching products, this charging stand is the perfect addition to your tech setup, offering a cohesive and stylish look.

Effortlessly Power Up Your Devices with 0.1 Second Response: No More Waiting for Slow Charging

  • With its lightning-fast charging speed and instant response time, this stand ensures that your devices are always ready to go when you are.

Stay Charged on the Go with Wearing Shell Design: A Portable and Convenient Charging Solution

  • With its wearable shell design, this charging stand is perfect for on-the-go charging, letting you power up your devices no matter where you are.

GVaxis 15W Vertical Wireless Charging Stand Specifications

  • Input: 5V3A9V2A12V3A
  • Output power: 15W (wireless charging for mobile phones) 5W (headphone compartment+mobile phones) 5W (watch)
  • Shell material: ABS
  • Socket: Equipped with SUB data cable
  • Color: Black White
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