How To Connect Smart Watch With Mobile!

You have just acquired a SmartWatch, you must now configure it and start it in order to take advantage of all its applications, to function correctly, the SmartWatch must be connected to a smartphone. We will see step by step how to successfully configure your new high-tech accessory. 

How to Connect Smartwatch With Your Android Phone?

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth on your Android phone

  • Navigate to the Settings app on your Android device.

  • Navigate to Bluetooth and choose it.

  • To enable Bluetooth, slide the toggle next to it.

  • Check the box next to it to enable the Discoverable mode.

Step 2: Turn on your Smartwatch

Also, before you begin the pairing procedure, make sure your Smartwatch is turned on. So, find the power button and long-press it till it turns on. The pairing screen will soon appear, displaying a phone and a watch symbol.

Step 3: Pair the Smartwatch with your Android Phone

  • While Bluetooth is turned on, go to the bottom of the screen and select Search for Devices or Scan Devices.

  • Select your Smartwatch from the list of devices.

  • Following that, a new screen with a code will appear. Check that the code on your phone and the code on your wristwatch are the same. Go to your phone's settings and select Pair to connect the two devices.

Your smartwatch and Android phone is now successfully connected and ready to use.

How to Connect Smartwatch With Your iPhone?

To connect a smartwatch to an iPhone, follow these steps:

  • Check to see if your watch is turned on and hooked into a charger.

  • Install the app on your iPhone.

  • Open the app on your iPhone and select the Start setup option.

  • Follow the steps on the screen to pick a language and agree to the terms of service on your Smartwatch.

  • Follow the steps on the screen on your iPhone until you see a list of neighboring devices. Tap the name of your watch, followed by Pair.

  • A pairing code will be shown on both your iPhone and the watch. Check that they match, then press Confirm on your iPhone.

  • When the pairing is successful, you'll be required to enable a few options on your iPhone.

When both your iPhone and Android watch are nearby, they should remain linked as long as the app is active on your iPhone. The connection is lost when you quit the app (this is not the case with Android smartphones).

How to use apps on The SmartWatch ?

Generally, when buying a SmartWatch, you have the option of installing an application dedicated to it on your smartphone. This allows you to connect your smartwatch and your smartphone to receive detailed information, such as tracking your sports performance, your heart rate, your sleep cycle, and even your body temperature. All these functions, and many more, depend on the model of your watch and its application. If the original application does not suit you, there are many others to download from Googles play or Appstore.

Once the application is installed, you can do a complete follow-up of your health and your physical performance day and night with your SmartWatch. It also notifies you of important notifications from your smartphone (text, call,... ). For your sports sessions, you can choose activity trackers, these are special sports connected watches. They automatically recognize your activities for complete monitoring and have several very practical features (pedometer, stopwatch, connected GPS, etc.). They give you valuable information about your health and activity. There are even waterproof activity trackers for your water activities.